The Winery & Us

Coming together is the start, staying together is progress. Great teamwork leads to success.

Klaus Pfitscher vine

The Pfitschers

Two generations live, work and make wine together here. It’s amazing to see what you get when you put the different characters and qualities of our family members into one big melting pot and give them a good stir. It’s a recipe for knowledge and creativity teamed with true craftsmanship and a big dollop of passion.

Family Pfitscher
Wine tasting in barn
Grandpa Pfitscher
Wine bottles exhibition
Pfitscher logo on the wall
Pfitscher panoramic view room

The Winery

Fresh, straightforward, and for all its simplicity absolutely top class. That is our ideal of a really excellent wine. Just one look at our winery proves this, as does enjoying one of our fine wines.

Pfitscher winery
Pfitscher grid


Fired with enthusiasm

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Montagna near Ora panoramic view

ClimaHouse Wine

Protecting our planet

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