Real Handwork

To get the best, most authentic and freshest wine from our steep slopes, whether we like it or not we have to get our hands dirty. Fortunately, we love it! 


Winemaking at Pfitscher is most definitely no bed of roses. With gradients of around 45% and climatic conditions that can prove difficult, our work is never done. There is no wonderful machinery to help us with any of our work around the vineyards — machines crashing down a steep hillside would be a pretty hideous sight... And yet, the slopes give us a distinct advantage: quality. The steeper the incline, the harder the work, but perhaps also the better the wine. In fact, this pretty much sums up our attitude to work at Pfitscher. Amongst many things, a steeper slope brings with it a sharper incidence angle for the sun’s rays. And we notice it in the wine, since this is what gives it its unique stylistic and special character. So please, take anything away from us, but not our hard work.

Tasting the vines befor harvesting
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