Family = Friends

We, the Pfitschers, are a bit like our wines: different in character but always honest and genuine. Nothing is more important to teamwork than a shared goal. Ours is to fill your glass with elegance, character and the best that nature has to offer! 


A stellar cast

Wild about wine for seven generations and no signs of slowing. We present the three current generations of the Pfitscher family.

Klaus Pfitscher vine

Dad Klaus

Cellar master, blue-aproned fox in the vineyard, grape whisperer

Monika Pfitscher

Mum Monika

Administrative genius, office oracle, heart and soul of the enterprise

Daniel Pfitscher

Son Daniel

Conductor, sales wizard, marketing guru

Hannes Pfitscher

Son Hannes

Oenologist, winefreak, tinkerer 

Daughter Marion

Think tank, globetrotter, events manager