Fired with enthusiasm for a century and a half

The name Pfitscher has always been synonymous with a passion for making great wines. After all, we are in Montagna. Montagna is in the Bassa Atesina, and the Bassa Atesina is wine country! We couldn’t do anything else, even if we wanted to...

Tenuta Pfitscher historic photo
South Tyrol iron grid

The Pfitschers have been making wine since 1861. That’s over 150 years, during which both our wine and our philosophy have undergone major development. In the past, wine had to meet a different set of requirements to today. Our dad, Klaus, understood this as far back as 40 years ago, which is why he decided to focus on making more challenging wines and producing the highest possible quality. At the time, this concept was not very widespread amongst the winemakers of South Tyrol. But how right he was. Today, our wines still represent the sheer power of the grapes. They are wines with the hallmark of authenticity and sincerity.

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