Harvest 2018

A promising Vintage is in the Starting Blocks. After the turbulent 2017 vintage, we are expecting good results for this year. With all the wines; we are satisfied, but with the Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir, a top vintage is expected. According to the first assessments by the Alto Adige Fruitgrowing and Winegrowing Consulting Center, between fifteen and twenty percent more grapes were harvested this year than in the preceding year.
Early in the year, it was first necessary to wait for the vines to sprout, but that was then greatly pushed on by warm, wet weather such that as early as the springtime, an early beginning to the harvest was forecast. The summer then progressed hot and dry. And as a result of the warm temperatures, it was in fact necessary to start the harvest. Starting from the middle of September, the weather calmed down again, and the perfect conditions were present for the maturation and aroma formation of our varieties at the higher elevations. 
You make look forward to an inviting and exciting 2018 vintage. 

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