Harvest 2019

The popular wisdom: After such an excellent year as 2018 nature will want to take a rest. Wrong! The 2019 vintage is at least as good, even though it was a difficult year.

Harvesting is still a very delicate process as it can be strongly influenced by the weather, temperature fluctuations and unexpected rainfall. This is why each vintage is unique and unpredictable.

This year the buds are very early sprouted due to the warm temperatures in March and April. The flowering period was slowed down a little because of the drop in temperature in May. The summer was then hot again, unfortunately with high humidity. With a lot of manual work we were able to keep the situation under control.

At Pfitscher, even when conditions seem to be ideal, we still examine every grape cluster during picking and remove all unripe, moldy or damaged berries. The most meticulous selection work was necessary this year for the Pinot Noir. Once again it proved to be the most demanding variety.

We are happy about the quality of the wines in the cellar: the warm days and cool nights give freshness and intense aromas to the wines. We cannot say more at this time. However, our feeling tells us that 2019 could be an exceptionally good vintage that goes well with the cool style of our wines.

By the way: Did you know that 70% of our vineyards are located over 500m above sea level? So, we stand for clean, straightforward wines coming from high altitude vineyards. Thanks to the cool climate they get expression, finesse and their own identity.

We are looking forward to a great vintage 2019 and say cheers to this year's wine!

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