Harvest 2023

As the grapes for the 2023 vintage are harvested, we are heading for the end of a viticultural year which required us to pull out all the stops in the vineyards: first a spring that started out extremely dry and ended up rainy and chilly, followed by a wet summer with three heat waves and now a truly golden autumn. The latter is also the reason why the red grape varieties are coming along really well. Regarding the whites, we expect lively, fresh, clean wines. Grapes are hand-picked, which allows us to make a very fine selection and ensure that only the pick of the crop makes it into the cellars.

But even the prospect of an interesting vintage doesn’t make forget this extremely difficult year: Whereas everything seemed to go more or less all by itself last year, this year required a lot, and we really mean a lot, of work. But things are still looking good, especially when compared to other regions, because our organic cultivation allowed us to be always in full control of our vineyards and carried out our work to absolute perfection.

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