We are happy about another top award! James Suckling is an International acclaimed wine critic and journalists and one of the most influential experts in the wine business. Annually, he publishes the top 100 wines that he has tasted in the respective year. In 2021, our Sauvignon Blanc Riserva Mathias 2019 made it into James Suckling's Top 100 Wines of Italy - out of 6,000 Italian wines tasted. Here is his tasting note about the Sauvignon Blanc Riserva Mathias 2019:

"The complex nose of wild herbs, gentian root, flint and white currants pulls you into this concentrated, elegant and precisely contoured sauvignon blanc. Super-long finish with literally breathtaking mineral freshness. Limited production. Sustainable. Drink or hold."

James Suckling appreciated the other wines we submitted as well. In fact, in this year's ratings, all of our wines were rated with 90 or more points. Here a complete list of the ratings:

Sauvignon Blanc Riserva Mathias 2019 – 95 points
Gewürztraminer Riserva Rutter 2019 – 94 points
Lagrein Riserva Griesfeld 2018 – 94 points
Pinot Nero Riserva Matan 2018 – 93 points
Merlot Riserva Cortazo 2018 – 92 points
Pinot Nero Fuxleiten 2019 – 91 points
Sauvignon Blanc Saxum 2020 – 91 points
Pinot Bianco Langfeld 2020 – 91 points
Lagrein Rivus 2020 – 90 points
Müller Thurgau Dola 2020 – 90 points
Chardonnay Arvum 2020 – 90 points

An award-winning year! We are delighted about the numerous awards and accolades our wines have received. From Falstaff to Gambero Rosso, the experts were highly enthusiastic with our wines.   Click here  for the full list of awards.

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