Merlot Cabernet Riserva Cortazo

We are simply proud to be able to recommend a truly fine and great wine with such elegance that is so pleasing on the palate. Simply enjoy this wine, either relatively young or well matured.

When everything is just right, in really good years, then - and only then - is a wine of such exceptional quality as our Cortazo possible.
The famous wine village Cortaccia, originally "Cortazo", gives the wine this name. Mainly Merlot, but also Cabernet Sauvignon and Caberent Franc, from one of the best sites for these grape varieties: Brenntal.  This area north of the village of Cortaccia belongs among the warmest locations ( up to 40°C/104°F) in Alto Adige. The vines on these steep slopes with its intensive sunshine grow on red, sandy loam. In the evening, the fleshy grapes are cooled by fresh fall winds. A unique terroir, predestined for the production of top international red wines with an Alpine character.  The grapes must have a high degree of physiological ripeness, and firm and crisp skins and combine fully mature fruit aromas with velvety tannins. With careful handling by experienced hands and the right choice of oak barrels, the wine can then develop into our Cortazo - or not. Only after an aging of 12 months in our barrique barrels and another 12 months in the bottle we release a very limited edition.

Monika Pfitscher
Vineyard in Cortaccia South Tyrol
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