Our Pinot Noirs tasted by a top sommelier

For André Senoner, a native of the Dolomites, his studies were enlightening: this is were his love for the world of wine was born. His springboard was the three-star restaurant St. Hubertus in San Cassiano, where he held the position of Sommelier and graduated part-time with a WSET diploma in 2019. Today, at the age of 28, he is a lecturer at the Italian Sommelier Association and at the Merano Hotel Institute, participates in the drafting of the Vitae Guide - The Best Wines of Italy, and also acts as Wine & Beverage Consultant for many Italian companies.

We are pleased to publish his tasting notes of our Pinot Noirs:

Pinot Nero Fuxleiten 2020
The Pinot Nero Fuxleiten presents itself (crystal-)clear with a ruby red mantle and violet hues. The bows and tears on the wine glass come regularly and remain consistent. On the nose, which comes across as very decisive and intense, a bouquet of black berries predominates, followed by aromas of freshly-picked black cherries and airy floral notes of violets. This is followed by herbal aromas of sage and mint, which develop balsamic notes over time and are rounded off in a high-quality finish. The entry: a wine with a warm and at the same time dry feeling. The mouth is lively, fresh and firm, with a soft, fine and delicate tannin content, resulting in an intense body. In the finish, the crisp black berry fruit is once again evident. The development potential is 5-6 years; preferably to be enjoyed in a Burgundy glass, which tightens at the top of the glass.

Pinot Nero Riserva Matan 2019
The Pinot Nero Riserva Matan has a bright ruby red colour and a warm hue. Its subtle texture suggests a full-bodied wine. The resolute, vertical nose immediately reveals the main notes of red and black berry fruits, then spices such as cardamom, cayenne pepper and black tea leaves of the "Lapsang Souchong" variety. All this suggests a high long-lasting potential over time. The taste is dry, fresh, with a remarkable mineral pressure on the taste buds. The tannin in the mouth is elegant and not too sweet, almost as if polished, where again it emerges gently. A full-bodied wine with medium persistence. Hints of coffee and tobacco return as the temperature rises. In the Burgundy glass, notes of blood orange and balsamic emerge with a delicious finish.


Brut Riserva - Blanc de Noir Sekt 2016
The 2016 Brut Riserva - Blanc de Noir is bright with a golden yellow texture and a golden colour, a fine perlage and lively bubbles that rise slowly and persistently. Immediately a delicate sensation on the nose: citrus notes like lemon zest, marzipan, toasted hazelnuts and brioche bread, followed by white fruit like an unripe peach and yellow plums. On the palate, the wine is dry, enveloping, very taut and with a lively freshness. Very clean bubbles, its softness explodes into a creamy sensation that fills the whole body in the mouth, giving persistence and intensity to each sip. Aromas of peach and candied pineapple emerge. A slender sparkling wine with a truly thirst-quenching finish that tempts us to take the next sip. Ideal serving temperature 10°-12° degrees in a wide wine glass or the Champagne tulip.

Pinot Nero Matan Riserva 2016
The Pinot Nero Riserva Matan 2016 has a bright, ruby red colour. The bows and tears on the wine glass come down dense and consistent. On the nose, there are notes of jammy and dried fruits such as raspberries, rose hips and strawberries, then hints of cinchona bark and shrubs. On the finish, a slightly earthy and wild note that comes from the tertiary aromas of the evolving wine. On the palate, a powerful wine that is by no means tired, but particularly dynamic and lively. It creates a velvety sensation with dense and fine tannins. A full-bodied wine with a medium finish and rich complexity. We find here the flavours perceived in the nose, additionally accompanied by plum and menthol

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