The Pfitschers in summer 2020

The restart after the lockdown seems to be positive. Let's hope it stays that way. We are looking forward to the grape harvest. This is expected to start at the end of August, 2 weeks earlier than 2019.

So far, it’s looking great in our vineyards. In the next few days we will complete the green harvest. We reduce the pressures on the vines by thinning out, i.e. removing some of the clusters. Around this time the growth phase gradually gives way to the ripening period: The energy and strength of the vine is withdrawn from the leaves and is focused instead on the maturation of the grapes. The first visible sign is when the vital green of the shoots give way to woody brown.

The vine is our primary partner in pursuit of quality. About 8.000 vines grow on one hectare, which makes a total of about 160.000 at Pfitscher. Strong and vigorous, balanced and at one with themselves, this is how the vines in Pfitscher should be. We want our wines to be more than good; we want them to embody the distinctive taste of Pfitscher. To achieve that goal, the vines must receive our undivided attention and continuous care.

The basis for high quality is a living soil. We promote the vitality of our vineyards through diversity in terms of vegetation. We sow a varied assortment of about 80 species. This improves biodiversity and humus formation. We get additional support from our sheep, bees and chicken.

Did you know that our Lagrein Riserva Griesfeld has made it into the Top 100 red wines of Italy? The ranking from Gentleman Magazine Italia was obtained by summing up the results of the six leading Italian wine guides.

Our mission: to confer on the primordial power of this autochtonous variety the elegance and finesse that are typical for Pfitscher. Our Griesfeld site offers ideal conditions for Lagrein. We own 1.5 ha of the 17 ha site, almost entirely surrounded by an old wall. The vineyards sit atop a peak of sand and scree deposited by the Trodena river over centuries. It is simply perfect for Lagrein!

Vineyard in Cortaccia South Tyrol
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