Pinot Nero Riserva Vigna Das Langefeld

The deep, strong bond between the Pfitscher family and Pinot Noir goes back for decades. The plot known as "Das Langefeld" is located in the MGA of Gleno, in Montagna, a place that offers the ideal conditions to grow the great wines made with this noble variety of grape. The vineyard is west facing and was planted in 1984; it has deep soil with a clay surface and a limestone substrate. The resulting Pinot Noir has an identity all its own: the initial bouquet of wild berries and undergrowth is joined by smoky hints that delight and capture the nose, preparing the brain for the intriguing taste. The first sip reveals a wealth of layered flavours, with an enveloping entry of velvety tannins that finish at length on the palate.

Year: 2019

Grape variety: Pinot Noir

Appellation: Alto Adige DOC

Location: "Das Langefeld" vineyard in Gleno

Altitude: 500 m

Aging: 20 - 30 years

Contents: 0,75 l + 1,50 l + 3,00 l

Serving temperature: 14 - 16 °C

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A wine that is the result of a meticulous selection during the grape harvest, where healthy grapes, ripened to perfection, are selected by hand from the grapes of lower yield. Most of the grapes are not de-stemmed before they undergo a period of cold soaking for two days, after which they begin the spontaneous process of fermentation. After about two weeks of fermentation, the wine is left to mature for 12 months in barriques, followed by six months in a large 10 hL barrels; it is then aged in the bottle for 30 months. The wine is bottled without fining and filtration.

Red meat, game, mature cheese.

2024 I vini di Veronelli - Grande esordio (M.M.) 94 // 2024 Vitae - 4 Viti // 2024 Gambero rosso - 2 bicchieri (final) // 2024 Vinum - 95 // 2024 Falstaff - 97 (Best Pinot Noir) // 2024 James Suckling - 93

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