A hot summer 2022 at the winery

We stand for clean, straightforward wines. Our lighter bottles are in line with our philosophy that less is often more. By reducing the weight, many tonnes of glass are saved per year. All part of our desire to leave traces in your memory and not in the natural environment.

For the construction of the new wine cellar in 2011, a guiding principle was the restrained use of resources and a form of architecture targeted at permanence and sustainability. The layout is designed to keep distances in the wine making process short and efficient. A structure with a double skin is the key to good temperature regulation, which is so important for a wine cellar. Energy is produced with the help of a photovoltaic system. We do not use gas or oil at all, thanks to a solar system and a boiler heating system that fire with wood from the estate’s own trees. The wine cellar is located underground and is covered with living soil.

These are some of the 42 criteria that we must respect to obtain the CasaClima Wine sustainability seal. We were the first winery in Italy to receive this certification in 2011. Here you can find more accents to live and work in harmony with nature.

This topic is very close to our hearts. When you stand in the vineyard every day and thus experience climate change firsthand, you probably develop your own sensitivity to it. Especially in years like these, where harvest earlier again and we must deal with storms.

Temperatures like those during this year's summer will probably be the norm in the future. Global warming and its consequences are hotly debated in the wine scene. In this context, we are also increasingly in the spotlight, as we have been growing grapes at high altitudes for years - and are therefore among the pioneers in this field. Almost 70% of our total vineyard area is located above 500 m above sea level. The highest vineyard is at 900 m. Cool nights and hot days ensure grapes with good sugar levels, lively acidity, and an incomparably intense aroma. Thus, we stand for clear, lively wines from high altitudes.

All this, to create a product that is as natural and authentic as possible. 

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