Lagrein Riserva Griesfeld

Do you know which of our wines our is a true insidier tip for many experts? Our  Lagrein Riserva Griesfeld.

Lagrein, genetically related to Syrah, is the oldest autochthonous grape variety in Alto Adige. In the hot, low-lying vineyards in the south of Alto Adige, heat-loving Lagrein finds its appropriate habitat. Black berries, ink, graphite and tannins... Lagrein is on the dark side. But only at first sight. We like it juicy, and it should be quaffable, too. Our mission: to confer on the primordial power of this autochtonous variety the elegance and finesse that are typical for Pfitscher. Our Griesfeld site offers ideal conditions for Lagrein. We own 1.5 ha of the 17 ha site, almost entirely surrounded by an old wall. The vineyards sit atop a peak of sand and scree deposited by the Trodena river over centuries. It is simply perfect for Lagrein!

Atfer fermentation the wine is left to mature in barrique and bottle for totally 24 months. The young Lagrein is already very inviting but the wine benefits from a few years spent aging in the bottle. After five to ten years it is at its best.

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