”Life doesn’t run to suit you”, as a song goes, and it is likewise true of how the weather treats farmers. Working in harmony with nature involves living with its quirks and moods. Nothing can be programmed and we are constantly challenged to adapt our methods to the natural rhythms and extreme events. 2021 put us to the test: there were many difficult situations– and in spite of the tribulations we managed to save the crop. And it was worth the effort! Cool nights and sunny days in the last weeks of maturation helped to achieve an almost optimum combination of sugar, acidity and aroma in the harvested grapes. The first wines from the new vintage were bottled. The Pfitscher‘s typical liveliness we can find again in all wines. It is a big pleasure to be able to offer our wine lovers such brilliant wines this year.

The new year 2022 has begun. Rarely have we had so little precipitation in the winter and spring. This has "slowed down" the bud break. The relatively cool temperatures from mid-April already indicate a later start of harvest.   

Next to the reawakening of the vineyards and the first bottlings, the main focus of the spring is on the various wine presentations. There was a great rush on our stand during Vinitaly in Verona. After two years without a fair, we were so happy to see again so many wine lovers and we would like to thank all the visitors.  

We now focus on Prowein in Düsseldorf. In addition, we are organizing two events in our winery. On April 30, the second PicNic by Pfitscher. On June 11, however, we will open the cellar doors for the Wine Cellar Night.

In the first months of this year, we had an outstanding feedback for the new vintages of our Pinot Noirs. The Pinot Nero  Fuxleiten  2020 and Pinot Nero Riserva  Matan  2019 are without doubt among the finest which the Pfitscher estate has produced to date. Pinot Noir was first cultivated in Alto Adige in the 1860s. Many wine connoisseurs rate Pinot Noir from our region as the very finest in Italy. However, even here only very few sites yield truly fine wines with the brilliant and subtle flavours so prized in top Pinot Noir. The most suitable are located on the mid mountainsides with good air circulation. One such vineyard is the Gleno site in Montagna, a high-altitude terrace with a superb view over the valley. And it is precisely here that the grapes grow which go into the two Pfitscher Pinot Noirs. They are now among Italy’s most sought-after Pinot Noirs.

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