Harvest 2022

We harvested healthy, fully ripe and high-quality grapes this year. In spite of the persistent heat and lack of rainfall, there are great expectations for the 2022 vintage: lively, harmonious, balanced white wines and elegant, full-bodied reds.

In terms of weather, we have quite a particular year behind it, one which started with a very warm spring. It also remained warm in May, as a consequence there was rapid flowering. Another notable feature was the heat and lack of precipitation during the summer. Apart from July 2015, this July was the second hottest month ever, with average temperatures more than three degrees Celsius above the long-term average. In addition to that, hardly any rain fell. 

The dryness and the heat have consistently demanded more work from us. We had to make sure that the grapes didn't get too much sun, above all else by means of targeted foliage work. However, that extra effort paid off. All that is necessary is to take a look at the quality of the grapes.  Warm spring months and hot summer months have seen to it that the 2022 grape harvest in Alto Adige began fourteen days earlier than in the previous year.  There was also luck with the weather both before and during the harvest. 

Hannes Pfitscher is in agreement about the quality of the grapes this year. “The grapes are perfect, healthy, and very, very good,” he says. Klaus Pfitscher is also happy about the extraordinary quality of the harvest. “I now have forty-four harvests under my belt here in Pfitscher, but I have hardly ever seen such beautiful, healthy, and fully ripe grapes.” Have a look at the beautiful Cortazo harvest in this  video .

With a great vintage lying before us, we are optimistic about the future. Above all else, the excellent grape quality has lifted the mood. Harvesting was a joy because the weather cooperated and the grapes were consistently high quality.

We are looking forward to a great vintage 2022 and say cheers to this year's wine!

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