What we are doing for our environment

Thinking and acting close to nature, we free the path for the quality seal ClimaHouse Wine. Our winery is the first in Italy to be rewarded with this distinction.

To us, sustainability is much more than mere ecological cultivation. Nature needs room for its own development. Sustaining the soil fertility is very important. We respect these natural principles and try to produce our wines in the most gentle way. Every additional action reduces the quality and takes away the wine’s natural life. Our ambition to work in a sustainable way leads to a responsible relation to our wines, partners and clients. The ClimaHouse Wine seal is proof of the right way, from an ecologic, sociocultural and technical-economical point of view.

Here, in a compact form, a few accents:

-       Reduction of water consumption through a water recycling system, reusing the rainwater for irrigation and cleaning.

-       75% coverage requirements through a photovoltaic system (solar energy), air/water heat pump and wood stove.

-       Energy conservation thanks to the deep underground and therefore naturally cooled wine cellar.

-       Use of own compost in the vineyards.

-       Milling the grassy areas and seeding various types of legumes.

-       Drastic reduction of substances in number and frequency of use.

-       Targeted use of protective measures without a set schedule of application.

-       Exclusive use of water-saving drop irrigation.

-       Alternating mowing of rows to preserve the natural habitat for beneficial insects.

-       Increased integration of animals in our vineyards.

-       Use of unbleached, undyed and chemical-free corks.

-       Use of vegetable-based and 100% recyclable capsules.

-       Use of lighter glass for our wines for a better Co2 balance.

-       FSC eco-labels and climate-neutral printing.

-       Presence of controlled mechanical ventilation with heat recovery both in the house and in the offices and reception area.

-       Availability of a CO2 drainage shaft

-       Average daylight factor measured > 2% for sales and tasting rooms.

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