Organic viticulture

Our way of viticulture has an enormous demand for quality. This is a reason why it is predestined for the subtle effects of sustainable agriculture.

Perfectly mature, healthy and highly aromatic grapes with thick, crisp skins are a prerequisite for first-class wines – plus the need for a perfect balance between sugar and acidity. The wine should be an expression of agricultural individuality: The soil, climate, vintage and not least the winemaker should determine the character of the wine. In our eyes, the only way forward is organic cultivation on prime sites in combination with meticulous manual working.

In viticulture, everything depends on selecting the right grape variety for the location involved. A good match is essential; it is the first prerequisite for great terroir wines.

The second prerequisite is vitality, of which there are two pillars: healthy soil and biodiversity. Varied cover crops, annual applications of compost and gentle tillage help build up humus and improve the life of the soil. In such a soil, the roots of our vines can spread out and find everything they need to generate healthy growth. In a lively soil our vines also cope better with prolonged periods of drought as well as heavy rainfall. We promote biodiversity in the vineyard itself by constantly renewing the cover crop and maintaining maximum diversity. We also make the surroundings as natural as possible. Hedges, bushes, woods as well as domestic and wild animals play an important role in this context. Diversity is beneficial to the health of the vineyard in general.

The third requirement is meticulous working on all the measures that need to be taken. In organic viticulture in particular, every operation must be performed at the right time and with the necessary skill. We do not have the tools of conventional agriculture available, which allow for subsequent corrective action. Pruning, suckering, canopy management, selective manual harvesting – each step is crucial and calls for painstaking attention.

In summary, it is all about the interplay of many factors, and about mindfulness with regard to the many small steps to be taken.

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